What to do on Red Investment Alert

Published / Last Updated on 03/10/2014

Video explains our traffic light investment alerts and what to do if we issue a Red Alert.


“Hello there. Subject for the video is our traffic light investment alert system and this particular video is [about] red investment alerts.

What is a red investment alert?
So first things first as explained in other videos: where we issue a traffic light investment alert we are not giving you investment advice. What we are giving you information on is that we have looked at the markets and we believe we need to move out of market related, out of equities, stock related investment funds, ISA funds, pension funds etc and essentially cash park: move and running from stock markets into cash funds.

So our red investment alert is as letting you know that we've made the decision that we believe the market is high or we've had some growth and we want to lock in the profit or we believe there is a risk of an imminent stock-market crash so we have invested we have moved our money we've invested back into a cash type, a low risk cash park fund.

Those funds may be cash funds, money funds etc. it depends on the type of investments that we have whether it's a cash fund or a money fund or indeed a building society fund or whatever it might be but for you we haven't given you, we are not giving you investment advice.

We are giving you information to let you know that we have moved our money out of markets and into a safe haven basically.

So what to do if you read a red investment alert that we've issued. Your choice is:

1. Do nothing
2. If you wish to come out of the markets, the same as we have, then it is your decision to come in or out of the market.

What you need to do if you're on let's say a Gold service or a Platinum service with us or something like that then you need to contact us and put it in writing that you wish to come out of stock market related investments for all of your investments or pensions or whatever it might be and move it to a safe haven.

So my simple suggestion is an email to us which says:

“I have read your red investment alert, please move all of my market linked investments to a low risk cash fund, money fund or equivalent safe haven fund.”

So a simple email [from you] literally a one line which says I want to move my money out of markets and into a cash park fund.

That explains what the red investment alert is and what you should do if you see that we've moved to a safe haven and if you then want to make the same decision move to a safe haven. Thanks very much for watching.”