What to do on Green Investment Alert

Published / Last Updated on 02/10/2014

Video - What To Do on Green Investment Alert

This video explains what you should consider and what to do if we issue a green investment alert warning.


"Hello there, [the] subject is our traffic light investment alerts and what happens when we issue a green alert. 

So first things first, with investment alerts are not investment advice to you on when is a good time to invest or not.  I have covered that in previous videos, are really just alerting you [as to] when we personally are moving our money in and out of markets.  Where we see a buying opportunity or a selling opportunity. 

When we've issued green alerts, you may have also received an email with a green investment alert.  And what that basically means is we have moved our money, our investments, out of let's say a 'cash park' and invested it in stock market linked funds and  stock market linked pension funds, ISA funds, stock,arket funds etc.. 

Investment alerts are not advice, because a green alert for us is where we are telling you that we believe it's the right time to invest our money in markets and we have moved money into stock market related investments. 

So, If you receive a green investment from us and you believe "maybe I want to get into the stock market as well".  Then it's your own decision as to whether you invest or not. 

All we need from you, if you are a client of ours, is you just need to contact us and put that in writing.  Usually, a simple email which says "please reinvest my money back into the stock markets in the proportion and in the funds that they were previously invested" and that's what an investment alert is and hat's what we suggest you do if you wish to act on any of our green investment alerts.  Thanks very much for watching."